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Custom branded version for your company/organisation

Andrive is not only a stand alone product, it can also be used to promote your own brand in the rapidly expanding mobile community. So if you love the idea behind Andrive, yet wish you could customise it to suit your own brand and attract both new users/customers whilst linking closer with your existing customers/users then you maybe interested in a bespoke branded version of Andrive.

What is provided with a branded version?

When you opt for a branded version of Andrive, you will receive the following features and services.

  • Announcements And Notification Channel

    You will be provided with private login credentials granting you access to your own administration panel on the web site where you can maintain announcements which will be sent to your users devices. New announcements are checked for twice daily from each device, and in the case of a new announcement being posted your users will be notified using the standard Android notification system similarly to when they receive a new text message or email. These announcements can be either short or long messages with clickable web links providing you the ability to direct your users back to your website.

  • Custom Launch Icon and Application title

    The initial feature your users will notice will be a custom launch icon that reflects your individual brand along with a replacement application name.

  • Custom Splash Screen and About screen

    A larger branded image can be used for the loading screen of Andrive. This will additionally be shown on the 'About' screen where you will also be able to provide your own text.

  • Default Vehicle Make

    When adding new vehicles, your users default vehicle make can be set to that of your choosing.

  • Private Tips/Advice & Web Links

    The tips, advice and web links section will only show data submitted by your users allowing you to develop over time your own niche information in the mobile space.

  • Multiple Deployment Channels

    in order to present your application to the maximum number of potential users, You app will be deployed not just to the Google Android Market, but additionally to Amazon App Store, SlideME, AppBrain and others as they become available.

  • Regular Updates & Maintenance

    Your custom application will be regularly maintained and updated to stay in line with the generic Andrive version. When and issues arise and bug fixes are applied or new features are added to Andrive your custom application will also be updated and the new version distributed to the various deployment channels.

  • Provision of branded download page

    You will be provided with a custom download page on the featuring your branding logo and modified instructions so your users can easily download your application which ever way suits them the most.

What next?

For more information on branding contact