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Andrives primary function is to ensure you have the important information and dates relating to your vehicle at hand, all the time ready for when you need it the most.

E.g. when you need to inflate your tyres, you can check your recommended pressures. If you need a new tyre do you know the type? If your battery goes flat can you remember the radio PIN to let you switch it back on? If your windscreen cracks do you know the number of the your insurance companies windscreen repair line? There are many different aspects and snippets of data we need to have on us as drivers and more often than not, wish we had them when it's too late.

Andrive Garage

Andrive allows you to store details for an unlimited number of vehicles making it also an ideal companion for the fleet manager.

Just some of the fields available in Andrive are:

  • Your basic vehicle details, make, model, etc.
  • Important details from your documentation you may be required to present such as your V5 document reference, year of registration
  • Details which tend to easily get misplaced and forgotten such as your Radio PIN code, Vehicle Paint Code, Tyre make, & pressures
  • Absolutely crucial information that should always be with you such as your Breakdown Recovery policy number and telephone number, your MOT servicing garage, insurance company details and numbers
  • Key dates which when entered will cause Andrive to automatically remind you when they are soon to be due such as your road tax renewal date, MOT expiry date and insurance renewal date


Breakdown Assistant

In the event of a breakdown, The breakdowns aid will give you immediate access to your breakdown company details allowing you to call them whilst your location and address is being determined and shown to you letting you pass the information on to your breakdown company so they can reach you as quick as possible. At the click of a button you can also notify an emergency contact of your location via SMS as well as establish a call to them to let them know your circumstances.

Accident Assistant

In the unfortunate event of an accident, The accident assistant in Andrive allows you to record as much information relating to an accident as possible, as quickly as possible. Whilst you enter basic details such as details of the accident, road conditions etc, your address and location will be determined and stored also. Andrive allows you to also enter the details of the other drivers, an unlimited number of witnesses, and photo's at the scene.

This information can then be passed on to your insurance company allowing them to efficiently process your claim without any chance of your the details being lost in the confusion at the scene.


Tailored content for your vehicle

Upon selection of your vehicle, you can view useful links to web sites and also tips & information relevant for your make or model of vehicle. Find out the best online forums, or hints from other owners to keep your vehicle running in best shape and even contribute your own advice & favourite links for others to benefit.

Parking Aid

Andrive now contains a Parking Aid to help you relocate your vehicle after parking. This feature is primarily aimed at those who travel who know how tricky it can be sometimes to remember exactly where you car was parked when faced with thousands of vehicles in an airport car park. With the press of a button you can store the location of your vehicle once parked and be guided back when you return from your travels. Simple, easy and effective.

The parking aid also encompasses a handy alarm function for when you've just bought a parking ticket and don't want to risk receiving a ticket or a wheel clamp.

Android or Web based vehicle management

Andrive provides the flexibility to allow you to enter and maintain your vehicles either directly on your Android device or via a secure web portal. Through the web portal you will be able to take advantage of additional functionality such as being allowed to produce PDF printable reports of your vehicles and any accidents, ready to pass to your insurance company or the police.*

Andrive Locator

In case of your Andrive device ever being lost or stolen, you will be able to send a special SMS message to the lost device and when possible receive back a location reporting informing you of the devices current position. *

* feature coming soon