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Accident Aid

Being involved in an accident can be an incredibly distressing and traumatic situation. Luckily the majority of accidents are minor, having a bump whilst parking or finding someone reversing and not seeing you. Regardless of the scale of the accident, it is absolutely critical to be able to recall as much information about the event as possible in order to prove your case when it comes to insurance companies and possibly even the courts. The Accident Aid in Andrive was designed to relieve the pressure of remembering and capturing important details by allowing you to record full details of the accident including the scene, the other parties involved, witnesses who may be present, the location and even capture photographs in case you need to back up your claim with photographic evidence.


Recording the details of an accident

To access the Accident Aid, first select the appropriate vehicle from the Garage then select 'Accident Aid' from the vehicle menu.


The initial screen of the Accident Aid, is a list screen which shows a list of accidents recorded for the selected vehicle. From here you can add details of a new accident, edit previously recorded accidents or delete accident entries.


To add the details of a new accident, press the 'Create New Accident' button.


You will be presented with a tabbed form allowing you to switch through the availabling screens, including basic details of the accident, the geographic location of the accident, any other parties involved, witnesses of the accident and media associated with the accident, i.e. Photographs.


When you create a new accident, Andrive will automatically attempt to determine your current location so when possible an accurate recording of the accident location can be made to within 3 meters.