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Breakdown Aid

What is the purpose of the Breakdown Aid.

image showing breakdown assistant for android

Unfortunately, vehicle breakdowns, like accidents happen when we least expect them and more often than not when we are unprepared. The situation is far from convenient and can also be dangerous. We may not know where we have broken down, we may not know even if we have breakdown cover and if we do, then do you have the number of the recovery company?


The Breakdown Aid in Andrive is there to provide peace of mind, not just for yourself but for your family. If you find yourself in a situation when your vehicle breaks down, Andrive will help you inform the right people the necessary information efficiently to control the situation and get back to your home as quickly as possible.


Assuming you have entered the necessary details into Andrive, you can notify an emergency contact of your breakdown and even of your location and address of the breakdown location. You can then call your breakdown company and whilst on the phone inform them your breakdown policy details and more importantly your current address, and if the address is not available you can at least inform them of your latitude and longitude position and accuracy range so they can find you.


Before you ever find yourself needing the breakdown assistant, ensure you have defined a Emergency Contact in the options screen and enter your breakdown company details using the Vehicle Editor.


Defining an Emergency Contact

From the Garage, press the 'menu' button then 'Options' to go to the preferences screen. You can then click the Emergency Contact preference to select a contact from your existing Android Contacts.


Defining an emergency contact


Using the Breakdown Aid

Access the Breakdown Aid by first selecting your vehicle from the Garage. From the main menu press the Breakdown Aid button

When you first enter the Breakdown Aid, Andrive will activate your GPS facility on your handset if available and begin to continuously attempt to retrieve an accurate location. You can see as the location is being determined, the location latitude and longitude will be updated and change colour.

Breakdown Aid showing latitude and longitude and location accuracy

Red signifies poor accuracy, Yellow represents reasonable accuracy within 60 meters and if a data connection can be obtained, Andrive will start attempting to determine your actual address. When the location accuracy is within 10 meters, then the location will turn green and the GPS unit will deactivate saving battery.

Wait for a moment or two for the location to improve to at least the yellow state. You can then notify your emergency contact by pressing the 'Notify Emergency Contact' button. You will be prompted whether you wish to send an SMS or/and Call the contact. If you battery is low you may just wish to send the SMS.

To call your breakdown/recovery company, simple press the telephone number underneath 'Breakdown Phone'. Whilst in the call you can press your Androids 'Back' Button to return to Andrive and relay to them your Policy Number and location.

If you need to further describe your location you can scroll up the Breakdown Aid screen to reveal a Map showing your location.

If you have enough battery power or are plugged into the your vehicles power source, you can press the map button which will launch the Google Maps on your device giving you further controls such as street view.