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Installing and setting up Andrive for first time use

  1. First follow the instructions to Download Andrive and once installed you will see the Andrive icon in your applications list.

  2. When you launch the application for the first time you will be presented with a login screen. It only takes a second to register so enter your email address and choose a password before registering. Andrive requests this information from you so we can identify you as a person and not just by your device. This is so you will be able to log in from any Android handset and online via the website to view/add and edit your vehicle data.
  3. After registering, or logging in for the first time you will be presented with your 'Garage'. This serves as a list of the vehicles you have defined within Andrive.

    From your Garage you can :

    • Define vehicles
    • View, edit and remove existing vehicles
    • Alter system options and preferences
    • View the 'about' screen
    • Log out of Andrive

  4. To add your first vehicle, press the Add Vehicle button.
  5. As this is the first time you have used Andrive, the list of vehicle makes and models Andrive requires must be downloaded. So when prompted click Yes otherwise you will not be able to continue to the Vehicle Editor. Download Make And Model Database prompt
  6. Once the data is downloaded, again click the Add Vehicle button and you will be taken to the Vehicle Editor.
  7. Continue to Maintaining Vehicles in Andrive.