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Maintaining Vehicles within Andrive


When you first start Andrive, Andrive has no sense of what vehicles you own so this data has to be manually entered.
The very least information Andrive requires is the Make & Model of your vehicle, but if you only enter that you are not gaining the full benefits from using Andrive so to make the most out of the program allocate 5-10 minutes of your time to be prepare yourself beforehand.


Start by locating the following documents if you have them available:

  1. Your V5 licensing document
  2. Your last MOT certificate
  3. Your insurance documents
  4. With a notepad and pen, go to your vehicle(s) and note the Road Tax Expiry date from the tax disc in the window. Also note the tyre makes and sizes. The sizes are usually imprinted around the tyre and will say something like "205/50 R16".
  5. If you have your vehicle manual, check if it contains your recommended tyre pressures.


Adding A Vehicle

To begin entering your vehicle information, press the 'Add Vehicle' button to go to the Vehicle Editor.


When you are presented with the Vehicle Editor you will immediately notice the tabbed layout allowing you to enter data in the different sections: Basic Vehicle Information, Tyres, Insurance Details, MOT details and Breakdown Cover details.


Vehicle Editor Showing Tabs


Using your finger to scroll you can scroll up and down the available fields each section with a convenient Save button at the bottom of each list for you to save the vehicle and return to the Garage.


I recommend entering as much data as you can at this point so you can make the most of the other features

of Andrive. For example by entering the date fields, you will be automatically notified when these dates are soon to be due.


Once you have finished entering data, press the save button found at the bottom of any of the tab screens, alternatively pressing your devices 'back' button will return you to the Garage discarding any changes.


Fleet management is made easier with the addition of a 'Copy Vehicle' function accessible by long pressing an existing vehicle on the Garage screen. This will create an exact duplicate of the copied vehicle.


Modifying A Vehicle

From the initial Garage screen, a second set of options become available when you long press one of the vehicles in the list.


View Edit And Remote options after long press


View Vehicle will give you a view of your vehicles data at a glance. Only the data you have entered is shown with no other fields visible so this can provide a quick overview of your vehicle information.


Pressing Edit Vehicle will take you to the Vehicle Editor where you can make the necessary changes before pressing 'Save' or clicking your devices back button to discard any changes and return to the Garage.


Removing A Vehicle

To delete a vehicle, long press the vehicle and select Remove Vehicle from the popup menu. This will delete the vehicle data and any other data relating to that vehicle, e.g. accidents so only delete if you are certain you will not need the information again.