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Other Features

When you select a vehicle from your Garage, you are taken to the vehicle menu. The functions accessed here relate directly to the selected vehicle.


The Information and Advice section contains data submitted by the Andrive user community relating to the specific vehicle. You can find anything from care and maintenance advice and tuning tips to advice on what to look for when buying a new model.

Web Links

The web links section contains links to other websites relevant to both the make and model of the selected vehicle. Here you will find links to the various owners clubs, manufacturers and community forums for the different makes and models of vehicles found within Andrive.

As this information found in both the advice and tips and the web links section is provided by the community, you can submit your own contribution by pressing the Menu button on your device in the relevant screen and selecting Submit.

Note: All submissions go though a moderation process so will not necessarily be accepted. Also note due to the free nature of this data, Andrive cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of any information.